Xanthipi Choraitis

Xanthipi ChoraitisByron College was my school for 13 whole years. However, considering Byron just a simple school, just like any other school a child has to attend, would not be doing it any justice. Byron simply put was my home away from home. A place I woke up eagerly to attend and grudgingly left in the afternoon.

Throughout my time here one of the most striking feelings that still remains is that of safety. From a small child to a young adolescent I felt protected and taken care of by the staff and students, part of a family. Bullying and discrimination had no place in Byron. This safe atmosphere was completed by Byron's excellent academic standard and supportive environment. Perhaps the most important characteristic of this school was the attention given to every single student individually. In my opinion this was the recipe for my success as an excellent student throughout my academic years. I felt supported every step of the way, urged to never leave a single gap in my knowledge to chance, approached about possible issues I may have had and comfortable to seek assistance no matter were my problem lay. I was inspired in every class by incredible teachers who were accessible and yet professional balancing healthy conversation with hard work.

My education however was not confined to the classroom. I was always supported to pursue my interests taking part in sporting events, the drama club and the student life as head girl, cultivate my talents and a well-rounded character that proved essential as my future unraveled.

When the time came to take the next step towards my secondary education, as an A Level student I applied to one of the best universities of the world, Oxford University. Fresh-faced and with little idea of what to expect I accepted their invitation for two interviews which would decided whether I would be presented with an offer to read Biological Sciences. I was equipped with the resources that Byron had given me; excellent knowledge of my subject, refined social skills, the ability to partake in mature discussions and confidence in my self and my character. These tools helped me stand out and secured a place in this prestigious establishment.
In my experience Byron College was the safe haven in which I grew as an individual, acquired an excellent education and developed the tools to tackle the unknown that lay and lies ahead in the best way possible. I am immensely grateful to my teachers and all those that supported my journey there. I look back at my time in Byron with fondness, filled with happy memories and valuable lessons learnt.

Xanthipi Choraitis

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