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Most Able and Ambitious

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Is your child gifted? Perhaps they have hidden talents that even you are not aware of. At Byron College we have one clear aim and that is for every child to achieve their potential. Students, we simply want you to ‘Byron Your Potential’.

As we explore innovative avenues to further develop our academic opportunities for all students, we are identifying students who are potentially Gifted and Talented or, more appropriately, the ‘Most Able & Ambitious’.

But what does it mean being either gifted and/or talented?

  • Gifted means a child has the potential for high ability in a certain area.
  • Talented means they can demonstrate outstanding performance or achievement.

A child can be gifted in one or more areas, like literacy, numeracy, sport, the arts or more. There are different influences that move a child from being gifted to showing talent and these include:

  • family, social, and cultural factors,
  • education opportunities,
  • the quality of education,
  • chance events in life.

This means that gifted children and young people may not always be high achievers hence the term ‘Most Able & Ambitious’. For example, they may have potential, but disengage from education and do not end up developing talent.

As an educational establishment it is our duty to unlock potential and provide the opportunities for all students.

Academic Year 2022-2023

Public Speaking and Model United Nations

With the end of COVID restrictions our highly motivated students were once more able to participate in national and international public speaking and debate tournaments and Model United Nations conferences


Oxford Model United Nations

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 20221113 121804

Our Model United Nations delegations of over 40 students ( both novice and experienced) participated in three national Model United Nations conferences in Athens this academic year, winning numerous awards as Best Delegates or receiving Honourable Mentions. During the conferences they negotiated and proposed solutions for many of the most pressing world’s economic, health, social and political issues. Our students participated both as delegates, student officers and members of the secretariat.

Our advanced MUNers were able to resume our annual participation in Oxford Model United Nations held at Oxford University attended by students from some of the top schools, world- wide. Students addressed pressing global issues in a positive climate of international diplomacy. We were delighted to once more bring home a Best Delegate award.

 20221113 094856


Harvard Model Congress Europe

 20230311 120901 20230311 145320  20230311 183525

Harvard Model Congress Europe returned to Madrid, Spain and fifteen advanced delegates participated in the conference led by Harvard undergraduate students. Through active simulation of debates, caucuses, trials, press conferences, and testimonies, students stepped into the role of modern legislators, policymakers, diplomats, and more to grapple with 21st century issues affecting our world. By the end of an HMCE conference, our delegates left feeling even more empowered with new knowledge, confidence and life skills to ensure their futures as civically engaged citizens of the world.

 20230313 091945  20230313 093641


Yale Model Government

20230316 121518  Yale Model Government conference boasts a unique take on Model UN as delegates constantly face having crisis updates thrown at them while searching for compromise and agreement throughout the conference. They have to respond appropriately and think on their feet. Secondary school students converged from around the world and met, for the first time in Athens, to debate events of global importance and put their creativity, diplomacy, and problem-solving abilities to the test. Taking advantage of the conference taking part in Athens, we sent our first ever delegation to this conference.


 The Panthellenic Forensics Association held the 50th anniversary tournament at Athens College. Byron College had students competing in oral interpretation of leperature (Comic/Dramatic) duet acting (Comic/Dramatic), original persuative oratory and group discussion twenty-two schools participated and we were delighted to have a Byron College student reach the final in group discussion.  20230317 093406




Six Byron College debaters from Year 7 to 9 took part in the Moraitis School Cup Debate Tournament among 140 students from Athens and Thessaloniki. For most of our participants it was their very first debating tournament in British Parliamentary style. Students had been debating in class since Year 6. As with all debating competitions, it was a challenging event with motions and positions only being announced 15 minutes before the debates started. No devices were used in preparation; students had to rely on their wits and general knowledge.

The Greek Round of the International Competition for Young Debaters (Under 15s) was a challenge our debaters took on with great enthusiasm. The winning four teams went on to the World finals at Cambridge University. We did not make it this year but gained valuable experience for future competitions.


UK Olympiads



Congratulations to our young mathematicians for taking part in the Senior Mathematics Challenge (UKMT).

The results were outstanding (5 Gold, 7 Silver, 6 Bronze) and one student was qualified for the British Mathematics Olympiad - Round 1 (BMO1).

This competition is designed to challenge the most talented young mathematicians and is open to all KS5 students in the UK and overseas. The exam lasts 90 minutes and comprises a series of questions designed to stretch able students. Thus, in order to score marks, it is essential to have a very sound base of knowledge and understanding, but, also, have the ability to think and reason at a high level.

Further information is available on




We are very pleased to announce that our Language Ambassadors from Year 9 were awarded the Gold Award at the Breakthrough Level in the United Kingdom Linguistics Olympiad, upon their first participation. Only 5% of the 807 entries was awarded a Gold award! Congratulations!

This was the first time Byron College students have participated in the UK Linguistics Olympiad.





Our Y13 Biology students recently participated in the British Biology Olympiad.

Over 13,000 students from 800 schools worldwide took part in this year's competition. 5% were awarded Gold, 10% Silver and 15% Bronze medal.

We are very pleased to announce that all four of our students were awarded medals. Our students was awarded the Gold medal, Silver medal, and the Bronze medal, with only 1 and 2 marks off the Silver medal respectively.




Byron continues its tradition of entering students into British Olympiad competitions.

We are delighted to announce that our high achievers: Our students awarded the Gold medal, the Silver and Bronze medals . Congratulations!




Arts and Music

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London Arts Trip: October 2022

In October 2022, students participating on the able and ambitious LAMDA Speaking in Public course had the opportunity to visit London for 3 days along with GCSE Art students.

It was a packed itinerary, and the groups made the most of the location by visiting the Tate Modern, the William Kentridge exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts, three theatre performances and a visit to Shakespeare’s Globe.

This year we have 22 able and ambitious students from years 8-11 taking LAMDA examination in Public Speaking.


Secondary Able and Ambitious students have been working on a range of projects which include devising poster campaigns for the Senior Production and Culture Day, creating a gift for EMAK and devising a wall mural. The students have had an opportunity to work across a range of Media and genres.


Our Primary and Secondary Able and Ambitious students have been able to join an audition entry choir this year which allows students to learn more challenging and complex pieces including a wider range and harmonies. Higher level musicians have also formed a string quartet and performed at our Coronation event in May and will be performing at the Year 13 graduation ceremony. Our school orchestra performed at the Chinese new Year celebrations and the Greek Independence Day celebration.


Academic Year 2021-2022

Terre des Hommes collaboration with Byron College Students on Child Advisory Boards and Summer Workshop.

 logo TdH


‘Through my participation in Terres des Hommes I was able to get valuable Knowledge about child friendly justice from a globalised perspective and further, I was taught in what ways I can use this knowledge to be impactful in the near future. It is a remarkable opportunity to discuss pivotal issues that plague our society and to consider how to collectively tackle them, with both students and experts. I am extremely grateful to be part of this team’.

Andriana Radou ( Year 13)

Terre des Hommes, founded in 1960, is an independent, neutral and impartial Swiss organization committed to bringing meaningful and lasting change to the lives of children and youth, especially to those most exposed to risks. Present in the Greece since 2016, Terre des Hommes Hellas aims to protect children from danger and to ensure equal access to their rights. They aim strengthen the child protection system for both migrant and Greek children and to promote child-friendly restorative justice approaches for children in contact with the law.


terre des hommes pic 01

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The Child Advisory Boards offers opportunities that encourage young people to express their views and influence decision-making.

The FOCUS and i-Restore Child Advisory Boards (CABs) are two working groups of Byron College students, consisting of four to seven teenagers, aged 15-18, who have been participating in this educational project since the previous academic year. Similar working group educational projects are ongoing in Switzerland, Hungary, Bulgaria, Holland, Romania, Albania and Serbia. Byron College is the only private school in Greece working with TdH.

The CABs meet once or twice a month - online, due to the circumstances- while the common "meeting point" is an interest in child justice issues. The methodology applied is that of non-formal education. In this framework, the students become familiar with the meaning of restorative justice and its implementation, issues related to the treatment children receive within the judicial system (as victims, offenders, or witnesses) and reflect on the rights of children. Participants explore the notions of justice and right themselves, based on their already acquired experience combined with extra stimulation and training offered.

terre des hommes pic 02

terre des hommes pic 03


Through participation our students have become familiar with concrete approaches of child-friendly and restorative justice as well as with specific alternative to detention correctional measures. (KS5 first Edition of Byron Voice)

They have explored the procedural rights of children in conflict with the law and further reflected upon the positions of key-role professionals in the juvenile judicial system, as the one of probation officers.


terre des hommes pic 08

The Ultimate Workshop

terre des hommes pic 11

terre des hommes pic 12


At the end of our FOCUS and i-RESTORE projects and, after having become familiar with the notions of child-friendly and restorative justice, it is time to express ourselves in the Ultimate Summer Workshop.

YouCreate is a youth-led Participatory Action Research (PAR) Methodology. It aims to train the youth to organize arts-based activities while strengthening their well-being, resilience and leadership skills. Children are guided through a learning process which gives them the knowledge and skills to develop their own art projects. More concretely, through the YouCreate methodology, CAB members will engage in a range of creative activities, using various forms of art in order to present and share with their community an art-action, that meets their needs, reflects their concerns and is defined by their personal ideas and beliefs. They will create diverse forms of art by looking at positive aspects of their lives or addressing challenges they encounter.

Young participants will be trained in the methodology and receive support and encouragement both in practical and psychosocial terms from adults especially trained in the specific approach. After having created a pool of topics developed throughout the whole year during the sessions held online, and after having become familiar with a series of speech and art tools, participants will be offered the space and the time to develop their child advocacy campaign and promote social justice and cohesion. By interacting with peers on topics that affect them, children improve relations and become more independent and self-confident.

Further information: Children and Youth-led art initiatives | Terre des hommes (

Trainer: Eleftheria Aravidou
Eleftheria is Tdh Hellas’ Mental Health and Psychosocial Support (MHPSS) Coordinator. She has been responsible for designing and implementing projects on the well-being of children. Eleftheria is an experienced and inspiring professional and has worked extensively not only on training youth in the YouCreate methodology but also on providing child protection and support services.


terre des hommes pic 07

terre des hommes pic 10


The Summer Workshops include:


A. Workshop on Media & Art
Including Doodle art workshop, Poster design workshop and Graffiti workshop. The Graphic workshop will culminate in a new mural on a wall at Byron College.

Main goal:
That the participants learn to organize, filter, and finally assimilate ideas they already have, through new creative processes, studying artists, both individually and collectively. Inspiration, interaction, creative mistakes, and inner introspection are the ingredients for the final creation of a mural, as a monumental work that converses with themselves but also with the school community who will be exposed to it afterwards. Stickers, small- and large-scale posters will also be produced by individual and teamwork, inspired by the topics of child-friendly and restorative justice.

By whom?
Imaginary Rooms is a creative studio founded by Nandia (Stasinou) and Manolis (Iliopoulos), that participates in various artistic projects under the philosophy that “spontaneous expression and self-awareness build a society with a consistent basis”. Curating art workshops for and interacting with young people is their favorite part of intervention.

Learn more about their work on:

The culmination of 10 days hard work from our students on the iRestore Children’s Advisory Board for the 'Rights of the Child' facilitated by Terre des Hommes.


B.Theatre as a restorative intervention: a conversation

Main goal:
Following the lead of a director/animator who has been working for years with young inmates in youth detention centers, participants will be invited to explore theater as a restorative practice in and outside detention.

By whom?
Stathis Grapsas is a well-known director and animator who, after having collaborated with many theaters during his career, has been working with inmates in detention centers, from the Psychiatric Hospital of Korydallos to the Prisons of Thebes, Corinth and the Special Detention Center for Young People of Avlona.

See more about his work: Meeting with Remarkable People – An Interactive Collection of Documentary Films, Starting Point 2011. - YouTube

C.Interview with a juvenile probation officer

Main goal:
That the participants meet with an experienced professional working in close contact with children in conflict with the law. Following a short presentation on the role that a juvenile probation officer plays within the Greek Juvenile System, CAB members will have the opportunity to directly address to the juvenile probation officer the series of questions, doubts and concerns that have been raised throughout our online meetings. Such an encounter shall offer an insight on the juvenile criminal system, shedding light on the issues to be tackled and on the necessity of advocating for child rights.

By whom?
Chara Galanou graduated from the Law School of the University of Athens and continued her postgraduate studies in Great Britain, in the field of Criminology. She has also completed a three-year training program on systemic family therapy and a two-year experiential systemic family therapy program entitled "Working with families and substance abuse" of OKANA. Since 2007 she has been working in the field of juvenile criminal delinquency as a probation officer.

TdH believes that their intervention in the field of child protection is encapsulated in the belief that no one is more ‘‘qualified’’ to speak about child issues than children themselves. Therefore, their aim in both i-Restore and FOCUS projects consists in empowering the CAB members in their effort to develop their critical thought and to be able to articulate and communicate their claims and advocate for their rights. In this attempt, TdH aspire to provide our students with the means to design their own campaign in a creative way, through different kinds of art.
In addition, among other supportive interventions, they receive additional coaching on public speaking.

Young people should be offered the space for their voices to be heard and their ideas to be put into practice. Both our i-Restore and FOCUS projects’ aim is to contribute towards this direction.

For more information Terre des Hommes

September 2021 Terre des Hommes: European Conference

An online conference was held in September between students from Albania, Netherlands, Belgium and Romania who joined together to share their experiences and findings from two years spent, researching and participating in, workshops and discussion groups on the Rights of the Child within European law. Fima and Trinity represented the Focus and i -Restore groups from Byron college. During the conference they shared their ideas on what a child friendly justice system means and how procedures for handling minors, both victims and perpetrators, are implemented in their countries.


September 2021 Terre des Hommes - European Conference


‘My experience with the online CAB events had been nothing but amazing., I met many interesting people from the Netherlands, Belgium, Albania as well as Romania.( I even got to have a mini tour of Romania because one of the participants had their camera on while travelling home) It was interesting to see how the organizations operated compared to the Greek branch and I was shocked by the outcomes they managed to achieve when faced with problems. The entire experience was brilliant, and I would love to do it again.’

Trinity, Year 12.

Extended Project Qualification (EPQ): Sixth Form


Extended Project Qualification pic 01

Extended Project Qualification pic 02


At Byron College academically outstanding students have the opportunity to carry out a university-level research project to produce a dissertation, report or a scientific investigation. This helps students develop and demonstrate their project management skills and provides opportunities for extended writing, both of which are highly valued for progression to higher education and employment.

This standalone qualification, carries the same weight as an AS. Our most able and ambitious students, who have demonstrated that they are not only extremely hard-working but also committed to and passionate about their studies, are given the support to work on a project which fits their individual interests.

Previous EPQ topics by Byron's students have included:

A Literature dissertation entitled ‘’Victims’ and ‘victors’: narratives of victimhood and power in Doris Lessing’s The Grass is Singing’, in which one of our A level English Literature students explored the ways in which the novel’s characters are affected by hierarchies of power in a colonial setting, a highly pertinent topic considering ongoing realities of racism and intolerance in the world today.


‘Completing my Extended Project Qualification in Year 12 was an invaluable experience as it provided a huge learning curve that gave me direct insight into the demands of English Literature at university level. In fact, the writing and researching skills I developed through this project apply directly to my essays now.’

Lara (English literature Durham University)


A scientific investigation at the “Demokritos” National Centre for Scientific Research entitled ‘Comparative study of the degradability of polypropelene and a bio-plastic (PLA) in various environments’, a highly current topic with regard to the effects of plastic waste on the environment. The results of this work has contributed to ongoing research at “Demokritos”.

A mathematical dissertation exploring ‘To what extent is Mathematics both a necessary and objective language.’

Arts Department: Able and Ambitious programme (2020-21)

The Arts department launched our Able and Ambitious programme in 2021. We aim to offer additional opportunities to extend the learning of students who show a particular talent, flair or interest in the Arts. We hope to offer assistance in accessing a variety of career paths within the Arts industry by helping students to develop personal portfolios and make professional connections.


LAMDA Exams: Public Speaking

From September 2021, we are offering a new optional course to year 10 students who are highly able in English and/or Drama in order to extend their learning and provide additional qualifications. This cohort will undertake the LAMDA Speaking in Public Exam: Grade 6

What are LAMDA Communication Exams?

Founded in 1861, LAMDA (London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art) is the oldest Drama school in the UK. LAMDA have offered exams in Speech and Drama to the public for over 130 years. These qualifications are well respected and internationally recognised. Communication exams prepare learners individually and as a group for high profile careers in a broad range of fields by developing public speaking skills. At the highest level (grades 6-8) these exams also carry UCAS points which GCSEs do not. As many UK degree programmes state their entry requirements as total UCAS points rather than grades, the opportunity to ‘bank’ additional points early is highly desirable.

Candidates will learn to:

  • research and create persuasive formal presentations
  • memorise and recall information
  • create and defend arguments
  • engage in constructive informal conversation
  • expand vocabulary and powers of self-expression




arts department pic 01

arts department pic 02

"Some of the best things about being a part of the Able and Ambitious Program is that you get to meet new people, engage and overall experiment with new/different ideas”

Maria (year 7: Drama Able and Ambitious student)


In Drama, a group of young women from KS3 were invited to participate in a short film adaptation of Camille Rainville’s poem ‘Be a Lady They Said’ for International Women’s Day. The project challenged the performance skills of those involved and the piece was testimony to their professionalism and talents.

youtube 512


arts department pic 01

"The best part of being involved in the Drama Able and Ambitious Programme was participating in the International Women's Day project. This has been an amazing experience since I had the opportunity to express myself through acting and enhance my skills. It was also a great pleasure to collaborate with my fellow students and Drama teacher. I would love to do it all again and hopefully next time it will be a physical performance!"

Valentina (year 8: Drama Able and Ambitious student)



arts department pic 04

arts department pic 05

“I enjoy being part of the Art Ambitious and Able program because I have been able to know more about different art style and techniques.”

Shikun (Year 10: Art Able and Ambitious student).


Students in our Art Able and Ambitious programme were given the opportunity to attend an online workshop with award winning illustrator and animator, Vivi Markatos. Ms Markatos answered thoughtful and interesting questions from students and shared valuable insight into different routes into the Illustration and Animation industry and how students could develop their personal style in this field of Art.


apf logo

Panhellenic Forensics Association Tournament

The PFA is a public speaking forum that has been holding an annual tournament in Greece for the last 50 years. From small beginnings it has grown into a huge tournament with over 500 students participating from Greek, British and International schools from all over Greece. In 2022 our Able and Ambitious students participated in Original Persuasive Oratory ( an eight minute persuasive speech of their own creation), Monologue ( dramatic or comic): this is an eight minute performance with no costumes or props; Impromptu speaking which is perhaps one of the most intellectually challenging event with only two minutes preparation time on an unknown topic before a three minute speech and Oral Interpretation of Literature ( dramatic or comic). All participants were coached by the English and Drama departments.



Our Secondary Able and Ambitious musicians were invited to attend a workshop with Musical Director and Conductor, Mr Giannis Giannopoulos. In this workshop, students developed an understanding of entry into the Performing Arts. The group had the opportunity to ask questions to Mr Giannopoulos about his professional projects, training and experience as well as a demonstration of his wonderful skills as a pianist.

“I think it was an absolutely phenomenal experience. It was both entertaining and educational at the same time which in my opinion is an absolutely great thing to have in a lesson. I think that this workshop was the little push I needed to continue with piano and maybe even start playing another instrument. Thank you for inviting me to attend.”

Natalia (Year 9: Music Able and Ambitious student.)

“I really liked this workshop as I got to hear advice about how to be successful in the Music industry. I learnt not to doubt myself even if times are hard and don't listen to people who are talking me into changing my career.”

Ines (Year 7: Music Able and Ambitious student.)

arts department pic 06

arts department pic 07

“I think it was a great experience and a good chance to see how to be a better musician.”

Carson (Year 7: Music Able and Ambitious student.)



We are passionate about developing the skills of even our youngest learners and have worked with Primary colleagues to identify students who are Able and Ambitious in the Arts from Year 3 and above. These primary students were invited to participate in a Shakespeare workshop on 22nd April run by the Arts department where they explored the use of Shakespeare’s language in performance, giving this cohort a head start on their road to Secondary education.


Harvard Model Congress Europe 2022




In March 2022 Byron College students participated for the first time in Harvard Model Congress Europe with one of our delegates receiving a coveted Best Delegate Award!

Led by Harvard University undergraduates, many of whom have served in some capacity for the actual government organizations they lead at the conference, the fundamental mission of the conference is to provide the most comprehensive programmatic model to foster individual and group learning. Participation in the conference challenges students to simulate and engage in the same issues that actual government organizations — including the US Congress, courts, and international bodies—are facing. From debating bills and resolutions to negotiating with other legislators and country representatives, each student has the opportunity to both examine and actively discuss some of the most important problems and solutions concerning the world.

Through role-play and simulation of open debates, caucuses, trials, press conferences, and testimonies, students develop a stronger understanding of civic involvement and government function. They hone critical skills—making compromises, public speaking, strategic negotiation—that they will be able to apply in a variety of settings as they become leaders in tomorrow’s world.

Participating in HMCE our students were able to explore their own strengths and weaknesses while learning from and along with their peers.


hmce photo

'Over the three-day HMCE conference, there was an exponential proliferation in knowledge and understanding regarding pivotal and real-world predicaments US Senators face every day. From discussing, drafting and passing bipartisan bills, I was able to step into the shoes of America's Senate to view consequential quandaries from a fresh perspective. Undoubtedly, finding myself amongst the plethora of well-versed delegates in one of the most demanding conferences Model Congress has to offer, my critical thinking skills were put to the test. I am grateful to have been part of Byron College's first team to participate in this conference and am deeply humbled to have performed so exceptionally. Undergoing such a beneficial and worthwhile experience, I am already looking forward to next year's conference!’

John Roy, Year 11.

'I met many young people from different countries in Europe and two excellent Havard University students. By participating in the World Bank I gained new insights to the Sub Sahara Africa Area. In addition, I now have a comprehensive understanding Harvard University and Harvard University's requirements for applicants.’

Ruo Han, Year 10.

'The HMCE conference was a unique experience. I participated in debates and delivered persuasive speeches on behalf of Mexico, in the UNICEF committee and had the opportunity to explore controversial topics like child marriage and women empowerment to achieve development. I especially enjoyed the seminar on ‘Women in Politics’ presented by Harvard students, as I got to participate in fruitful conversations happening between delegates from different committees on the discrimination that women politicians face. Being a delegate in this conference allowed me to develop further understanding on humanitarian crises that different parts of the world are facing right now.’

Christina, Year 9.



Model United Nations


model united nations pic 01

'Model United Nations has truly been an eye-opening experience, getting to learn more about international proceedings and the nature of issues the UN tackles daily. It teaches you to see things from opinions contrary to your own, gives you perspective as well as knowledge on how international diplomacy works! On top of this, it's an opportunity to form many long-lasting friendships with fellow participants.’

Fotis (Year 12) Experienced delegate, award winner (most notably 2018 Oxford MUN outstanding delegate, 2019 Oxford MUN Best Position paper and Student Officer.


Byron College students participate in Model United Nations conferences both in Greece and abroad. Our delegates have been award winners in the COBIS MUN held in Bucharest and, most notably, at the Oxford Model United Nations conference held at Oxford University as well as in their regular attendance at international conferences held in Greece such as the CSMUN, CGSMUN, DSAMUN, PSMUN and ACGMUN.


model united nations pic 02

model united nations pic 03

‘It was amazing! I honestly loved every second of it. My resolution passed’.

Soultana (Year 10) Legal Committee delegate on her first conference.


The conferences are a simulation of the work of the United Nations and provide the opportunity for students to research, discuss and negotiate around current and historical world issues that afflict and have shaped the world we live in. Students learn to look at issues of international importance from differing perspectives and try to find solutions to global issue through the creation of Resolutions in the various UN committees, including the Security Council and the G20.


model united nations pic 04


Following strict UN procedural policies, the conferences are student led and many experienced Byron College delegates have progressed to become student officers in these conferences. A difficult and challenging role which requires them to pass an extensive interview process, follow training programmes and to write study guides for all the delegates who participate in their respective committees.

‘It was pretty hard…I had fun and learnt a whole bunch of things I didn’t even know existed until now’ Ines (Year 7) Social, Humanitarian and Cultural Committee delegate on her first conference experience.


model united nations pic 05

model united nations pic 06

‘I encourage everyone to give MUN a try at least once as it possesses a very nurturing and comfortable, yet lively atmosphere. It boosts your self-esteem and gives you the opportunity to make new friends’.

Baran (Year 11) experienced delegate, award winner and student officer.


Following strict UN procedural policies, the conferences are student led and many experienced Byron College delegates have progressed to become student officers in these conferences. A difficult and challenging role which requires them to pass an extensive interview process, follow training programmes and to write study guides for all the delegates who participate in their respective committees.


‘ MUN has truly changed my life for the best.’

John Roy; Best Delegate Award (Year 10) Economic and Social Council ACGMUN 2021

‘It was pretty hard…I had fun and learnt a whole bunch of things I didn’t even know existed until now’

Ines (Year 7) Social, Humanitarian and Cultural Committee delegate on her first conference experience.



UK Maths Challenge




Promoting a love of problem solving

The Intermediate Mathematical Challenge is a 60-minute, multiple-choice Challenge.

It encourages mathematical reasoning, precision of thought, and fluency in using basic mathematical techniques to solve interesting problems.

The problems on the Intermediate Mathematical Challenge are designed to make students think.

In our 2022 participation at Intermediate level out of 33 participants from Years 9-11 we achieved 2 exceptional GOLD BIY Awards and 4 Gold, 7 Silver and 5 Bronze Awards.




UKLO is a competition for students to challenge their linguistic skills to solve linguistic data problems




Five talented linguists at Byron College, Sasha (individual entry), Valentina, Ioanna, Melice, and Nasywa (team entry) from Year 9 were awarded the Gold Award at the Breakthrough Level in the United Kingdom Linguistics Olympiad. Only 5% of the 807 entries were awarded a Gold award!
This was the first time Byron College students have participated in the UK Linguistics Olympiad



British Physics Olympiad


British Physics Olympiad


The British Physics Olympiad exists to encourage the study of physics and recognises excellence in young physicists through ten annual physics competitions.

Out of 4,710 students from 204 schools participating in the Intermediate Challenge 2021, two Byron College Year 11 students, Jess and Julia, achieved exemplary results. Jess achieved a score which qualifies her for the Gold Award placing her in the top 18% of the students who participated in the competition and Julia achieved a score which qualifies her for the Silver Award.


‘I am thankful to our physics teacher, Mr Dedousis, who gave us the knowledge and the opportunity to participate in this competition. I believe that every student should trust themselves, persist in what they are doing and never give up!’

Julia (Year 11): Silver Award winner

‘It was a great opportunity for me to participate in BPhO. I gained a lot from the experience not only from the level of physics but I also learnt that, whether it is a competition or just a normal test, the first thing you need is to trust yourself and give yourself enough confidence. Taking part will make you stronger and do better.’

Jess (year 11)


Participation in a British Physics Olympiad is a challenge for able and ambitious students which allows them to:

  • Have fun problem solving
  • Experience the perseverance and determination required to solve harder problems
  • Test their knowledge with stimulating questions
  • See the real-world problem-solving potential of physics
  • Practice open-ended and unstructured questions, as seen at higher levels of study
  • Gain a prestigious award for CVs and UCAS forms
  • Develop the skills required for admission to top universities
  • Compare their attainment with students from all over the United Kingdom
  • Qualify for additional training with the best students

British Plysics Olympiad 2022


Our 2022 participation in the British Physics Olympiad were rewarded for their hard work and dedication in the field of physics with 4 Gold, 8 Silver and 1 Bronze Awards from our Year 12 and 13 students.


'It was a delightful and eye-opening session which questioned our abilities and knowledge and proved both engaging and valuable.’


'The Olympiad was unlike other standardized exams I had done before. Overall I believe it was an enriching experience.’


'The questions are challenging, but solvable at the same time, i am glad that i participated.’


'The Olympiad made me think critically and outside the box in order to solve problems that didn’t have a initially obvious solutions. I enjoyed it for its ability to challenge me.’


'The British Physics Olympiad was a really view-changing experience that made me put more attentions on small details around my life and changed my way of approaching questions.’


'It was a very fun experience as it triggered the corks in my brain to move.’


'The physics British olympiad was a unique and fun experience. It was challenging but worth it in the end!.’



For more information:



Duke of Edinburgh Award


Duke of Edinburgh


Duke of Edinburgh pic 01


Byron College is a licensed Duke of Edinburgh Award Operator. Students from years 10 to 13 can participate and work towards achieving their award.


Duke of Edinburgh pic 02

Duke of Edinburgh pic 03

Participating in the Duke of Edinburgh programme, and ultimately achieving a DofE Award, not only helps develop life and team building skills but,develops confidence, resilience and the ability to push oneself and overcome physical and mental challenges. A DofE award boost personal statements and gives students an extra edge over others when applying for university and beyond as further to academic achievements, universities want to see evidence of so called ‘soft skills’ that can be developed through extra-curricular activities, such as communication, commitment, leadership and teamwork. The DofE Award is a fantastic way to demonstrate and evidence these skills in practice.


Duke of Edinburgh pic 04

Duke of Edinburgh pic 05

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There are 4 sections in completing the award: Skills, Physical Recreation, Voluntary Service and Adventurous Journey. Through the DofE Award our participating students have the opportunity to make a difference to the community, to be fitter and healthier, gain new skills, make new friends and have memories that will last a lifetime.

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'This programme has enabled me to develop my character and nurture certain traits within it to an unprecedented extent, building the commitment to doing activities with regularity over a grand timeframe, a skill I will be carrying with me elsewhere.'

Fotis (Year 12)


Byron College

Welcome to the website of Byron College - The British International School in Athens. Byron College was founded in 1986 to provide a high-quality British-style education for the international and Greek community in Athens.

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Managing Director

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