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World Philosophy day

World Philosophy day is celebrated on the third Thursday of November every year and Byron College will be celebrating this day by facilitating pupil discussions on philosophical questions and paradoxes under the olive trees of Pynx Hill, Philopapou, at the very site where democracy came to fruition. We have been awarded the great honour of being recognized for our work by UNESCO; our event being listed on its website as an official UNESCO World Philosophy day event.

Philosophy is a discipline that underlies all other academic disciplines. Children have the capacity to enquire philosophically from an early age and Byron College sets its pupils on the path of philosophical enquiry early in life with Philosophy for Children (P4C) being introduced as an official subject from Year 3. Our pupils are inspired to wonder at the world in a meaningful and engaging way. P4C promotes the development of reasoned argument and higher-order thinking, clarity of thought and the questioning, challenging and evaluating of ideas. These are all skills which we recognize at Byron as being essential as life tools for future civic engagement and which empower our pupils to become valuable members of a global society.

Philosophical debates equip our pupils with the thinking tools universally applicable to the puzzles that confront us as human beings, as citizens and which shape humanity. Our pupils develop the confidence to make independent judgements, to self- evaluate and to self-correct and fosters a great respect for diversity, empathy and the crucial understanding of how to use reason to resolve disagreements.


UNESCO - World Philosophy Day - Activities around the world & UNESCO - World Philosophy Day - The official website


 Designed by Elisa Hu - Year 10





Our Year 6 pupils have been contemplating the meaning of ‘walls’ during their preparation for World Philosophy Day. Are they built to protect us or to restrict our freedom? Are they physical barriers or can they be mental barriers too? Their poems are just one of the activities through which they are exploring these and other themes inspired by ‘walls’.

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